Commit 5f9453b6 authored by Fred Chasen's avatar Fred Chasen
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Add babeled legacy dist

parent 60616244
......@@ -35,13 +35,14 @@
"scripts": {
"build": "./node_modules/.bin/rollup -c",
"legacy": "./node_modules/.bin/rollup -c rollup.legacy.config.js",
"start": "./node_modules/.bin/rollup -w -c rollup.server.config.js",
"test": "npm run tests && npm run specs",
"tests": "jest --config=tests/jest.config.js",
"specs": "jest --config=specs/jest.config.js",
"compile": "./node_modules/.bin/babel src/ -d lib/",
"pretest": "npm run build",
"prepublishOnly": "npm run build && npm run compile",
"prepublishOnly": "npm run build && npm run compile && npm run legacy",
"watch": "./node_modules/.bin/rollup -w -c"
"repository": {
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