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## A quick presentation of paged.js
Paged.js is an open-source javascript library to display paginated content in the browser and to generate print books using web technology.
It's composed of a *Chuncker* and a *Polisher*. The Chunker chunks up a document into paged media flows and applies print classes. The Polisher converts @page css to classes, and applies counters and content.
......@@ -38,9 +36,8 @@ We have several tools to help designers and discuss the addition of new features
## Running paged.js
## Running paged.js
How to start with paged.js? The first thing is to make the script work on your document. For that, you need a few things:
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## Getting Started with Paged.js
## Getting Started with Paged.js [ [link]( ]
- A quick presentation of paged.js
- W3C specifications
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- Which browser to use?
- Generating a PDF
- Option 1: with a browser
- Option 2: with pagedjs-cli
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- Option 2: with pagedjs-cli
## FAQ [ [link]( ]
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