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add Pseudo class selectors for pages

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......@@ -183,6 +183,20 @@ If you prefer, you can also use `break-after` in the same way:
* `break-after: right` or `break-after: left` will push the content after the element on the next right or left page;
* `break-after: recto` or `break-after: verso` will push the content after the element on the next recto or versopage;
## Pseudo class selectors for pages
The W3C has defined Pseudo class selectors for specific pages. We already see the `:left` and `:right` selector. But there is other:
- `:first` select the first page of you document,
- `nth()` let you specify a page number of your document (ex: `@page:nth(3)` selects the third page),
- `:blank` select all the blank pages of your document create because of a forced page breaks.
A page matched by a pseudo class selector can also be matched by other page pseudo-classes. The rules that apply are defined by the cascade principle.
## Bleed and crop marks
**Important**: Bleed, crop marks and cross marks were added to paged.js on February 28, 2019. However, we are still working on it. The implementation may change in the coming weeks, so we advise you to use the property with great care.
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