Authored by Jack Dexter

Emotional Support Animals That Are Not Allowed In Planes - 2021 Guide

An emotional support animal is a pet that provides emotional support to those who have any mental or emotional disability. The ESA can be any animal from a dog to a pig. Some people want to travel with their emotional support animal and not leave them alone. For this purpose, you need a legal ESA letterthat is written by a mental health professional. Through this letter, you can easily travel with your pet without paying any fee. Make sure that your pet does not harm anyone.

If you travel more often, then choose a sensible animal for your ESA. Dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, and turtles are the animals you can easily travel with them. A red-lipped batfish, star-nosed mole, etc. are the animals that make your travel journey uncomfortable.

People have misused the ESA letter by getting weird animals on the airplanes. So make your life better, not full of stress, and choose the sensible emotional support animal. Make a wise decision, and don’t ruin your life.

If you think of adopting a peacock or reptile for an emotional support animal, think again that peacock or reptile can provide you emotional support. Sometimes the weirdest animal can become a problem for airlines.  

If you travel internationally, you have to check their pet policy first at booking. Some animals can become your ESA but are not allowed in airplanes. Here is a list of animals that you cannot take to the plane.

Lizards, crocodiles, dragonflies, and some other animals can become your ESA, but the people around you might not be okay or feel comfortable with your animal. So, these animals are not allowed in airplanes.

Peacocks are not allowed on airplanes to travel with their owner. They are not very disciplined, so they are not allowed on the plane. Like parrots, squirrels are also not allowed on the plane. They are small in size, but they also do not behave well like rabbits. With ESA letter for housing, you are not allowed to travel with peacocks and squirrels.

Insects and spiders are also not allowed on the plane. They are not allowed because some people have fear and phobias from them. They are the source of your emotional support, but they will cause stress to other passengers. ESA registration is required if you bring the insect and spider at home for your emotional support.       

Snakes are also not allowed in airplanes. Almost all international airlines do not allow weird animals to travel with their owner in the cabin. Try to travel with a trained service animal and enjoy your traveling.   

An emotional support pig is not allowed on the plane. Some people, especially kids, fear pigs and do not feel comfortable if the pig is around. Try to avoid adopting the pig as an emotional support animal if you travel more often.

With an ESA letter for housing, you can live with a pig, but you should know their needs before adopting this animal.

Goats and any other tusked animal are not allowed in airplanes. Sometimes they become so aggressive and out of control, so try to avoid them as an emotional support animal. American Airlines also banned goats.  

Some animals that are not weird and did not harm anyone are allowed in the airplane. Here is a list of the animals that you can easily travel with without any restrictions.

Dogs can become the best emotional support animal, and you can easily travel with them. If you train them, they behave very well. A legally register emotional support animal letter is allowed in all airlines. But you have to submit the legal esa letter to the airline within 48-hours of the scheduled flight.

Like dogs, cats are also allowed in the airplane. Cats are the best emotional support animal, and they provide the same comfort and support as dogs. Cats are easy to train, and they did not harm anyone. Some cat breeds are super friendly, and they can easily get along with other people. They did not create any problem in the airplane if you train them.

The miniature horse is also allowed in the plane, and it is best for those who suffer from depression, anxiety, stress, fear, phobia, and PTSD. They are short in size and did not harm anyone. Like cats, they are friendly, and they become the best emotional support animal. Get an ESA letter online and easily travel with your emotional support animal.

An emotional support duck is allowed in the airplanes. They become the emotional support animal but don’t believe that they provide the best emotional support to its owner. Choose the emotional support animal carefully. First, research the animal and then make a final decision.  











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