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Enjoy a Clean Reading Experience with Medium for Android

If you are interested in reading about the world and society, Medium is a great gift made for you. Quickly go to our Apk downloader and get this amazing app for yourself!
The First Words
Are you ready to explore the news around the world through a single app?

Do you want to read the high-quality platform which can inspire your mind?

If yes, our Android store is having an excellent reading app that is extremely suitable for you. It is Medium, a high-profile blogging platform. 

But it also offers the minimalist design which will give you the best viewing experience. This app is attracting more and more people, including journalists, actors, and even authors. 

The Incredible Features of Medium that You Should be Aware of
High-quality essays 

You are a part of the world and you should be curious about what is happening in the world right now. That is the purpose of Medium. 

You can read a number of great articles and essays when opening Medium every morning. It offers a wide range of topics, from a personal opinion about a matter, the interesting interview, to the photography. 

Every article on Medium may have a different way to approach you. Here are some kinds of reading collections that you can find on Medium:

News and magazines

Comprehensive explainers


Expert Columns

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Clean and minimal viewing

Having too many words or complicated viewing may frustrate you a lot. We used to experience many reading apps and have to give up on them. 

However, Medium is outstanding in this matter. It is designed with clean reading viewing allowing you to focus on the texts absolutely. 

Especially, there will be no pop-up ads interrupting your sight. That is an incredible point that makes Medium more preferable on the current market. 

And of course, you can use the bookmark feature to mark your favorite item. They will then be placed on your personal reading list. Well, you can read them over and over again in the future. 

Share your thoughts

In case you like any stories on Medium, you can put a comment in the end. You can always create a conversation with the author. 

Speaking of that, the author is going to understand your appreciation when reading their articles. You can even highlight a single line on any article that extremely intrigues you. 
The Final Thoughts

Now, you know how interesting and perfect Medium is. Our Android store always gives you the best choices, and definitely, this app is on the list. 

Get an incredible reading experience by installing Medium on your device. Do not forget to share your experience with us! Enjoy reading! For more Apk sites to download apps and games for Android, you can read at top1apk.
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