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Winair Baggage

Lightweight Baggage

When flying on the Twin-Otter airplane, travelers are permitted 3kg of lodge baggage, and those going on greater planes are allowed 7kg of lodge gear. These things should have the option to be put away under the seat before them.

Notwithstanding the above thing, travelers are permitted to convey an individual thing gratis. This can comprise of things, for example, a coat, umbrella, camera, satchel or folding wheelchair.

Checked Baggage

Grown-up travelers are permitted one thing of checked stuff, gauging a limit of 23kg. The greatest measurements (length + width + tallness) are 62 inches. Winair_Airlines_Customer_Service_Number

Winair Contact Number Class Information

Economy Class

Winair's just lodge class in economy. Because of the little planes that the aircraft works on, there will be restricted help, yet the seats are agreeable and open.

Premium Economy

There is no exceptional economy class locally available Winair flights. Notwithstanding, travelers can decide to buy the 'celebrity Plus' bundle, which permits travelers quick track to land and through the traditions cycle, to get you to your objective at the earliest opportunity.

Business Class

There is as of now no business class offered with Winair.

Top of the line

Winair don't yet have a five star administration locally available their flights.

Winair Contact In-Flight Entertainment

Because of the little planes that Winair work on, they don't as of now give any in-flight amusement locally available their flights.

Cape Winair Food and Drink

This carrier doesn't have the offices locally available their planes to bring to the table food and beverages. You are free to welcome your own food on the plane with you, as long as they fit with norms of the nation.

Winair WiFi

Winair is yet to offer travelers either free or paid WiFi locally available their flights.

Winair Airlines Customer Service Number Check-In Information

Online Check-in

Travelers can registration for their flight online by means of the carrier site. This will open 24 hours before your flight and will close 2 hours before takeoff.

Air terminal Check-in

Travelers can on the other hand registration at the air terminal by making a beeline for the air terminal registration counter. The aircraft suggests that you show up at the air terminal to registration in any event an hour and a half before your flight time. For travelers withdrawing from SXM, SAB, EUX, SBH, the air terminal registration counter will close 45 minutes before the booked takeoff time, and for travelers from any remaining air terminals, the counter will close an hour prior.

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