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This project is created from a GitLab [Project Template](
# Vivliostyle Electron PDF Renderer
Additions and changes to the project can be proposed [on the original project](
Render Html to PDFs using [Pagedjs]( and [Puppeteer](
## Installation
npm install -g pagedjs-cli
## Generating a PDF
pagedjs-cli ./path/to/index.html -o result.pdf
## Options
-h, --help output usage information
-V, --version output the version number
-i, --inputs [inputs] Inputs
-o, --output [output] Output
-d, --debug Show Electron Window to Debug
-l, --landscape Landscape printing
-s, --page-size [size] Print to Page Size [size]
-w, --width [size] Print to Page Width [width]
-h --height [size] Print to Page Height [weight]
-m, --page-margin [margin] Print with margin [margin]
-n, --hyphenate [lang] Hyphenate with language [language], defaults to "en-us"
-hi, --hypher_ignore [str] Ignore passed element selectors, such as ".class_to_ignore, h1"
-ho, --hypher_only [str] Only hyphenate passed elements selector, such as ".hyphenate, aside"
-e, --encoding [type] Set the encoding of the input html, defaults to "utf-8"
-t, --timeout [ms] Set a max timeout of [ms]
## Hyphenation
HTML can be pre-processed with soft hyphens by the [Hypher]( library.
Pass the abbreviation a language code (such as `en-us` or `de`) when calling the renderer. You can install languages beyond those included the package.json using npm.
pagedjs-cli ./path/to/index.html --hyphenate en-us --output
## Development
Link and build the JS
npm install
npm link
npm install -g gulp
gulp watch
To display the output in the browser window before printing,
instead of outputting the file add the `--debug` flag.
pagedjs-cli ./path/to/index.html --debug
## Testing
Install Mocha with `npm install -g mocha`
Run the tests from the library root with the `mocha` command
## Docker
docker run -it -P -v $(pwd):/usr/src/pagedjs-cli fchasen/pagedjs-cli bash
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