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/* from the specs */
7.2. Crop and Registration Marks: the marks property
Name: marks
For: @page
Value: none | [ crop || cross ]
Initial: none
Computed value: as specified
This property adds crop and/or registration marks to the document. These are printed outside the page box to facilitate the trimming and alignment of sheets of paper. Values have the following meanings:
none : Specifies that neither crop marks nor registration marks should be printed: the area outside the bleed area will be completely blank.
crop : Specifies that crop marks should be printed. These are typically short lines outside the page box that are effectively extensions of the page box’s four edges, thereby indicating the precise location of those edges without placing any ink near or within the page box itself.
cross : Specifies that registration marks should be printed. These are typically cross-shaped marks outside each edge of the page box used to align sheets of paper during the printing process.
Note that crop marks and registration marks are only visible if the page box is smaller than the printable area.
To set crop and cross marks on a document, this code can be used:
@page { marks: crop cross }
7.3. Bleed Area: the bleed property
Name: bleed
For: @page
Value: auto | <length>
Initial: auto
Computed value: as specified
This property specifies the extent of the bleed area outside the page box; in other words the extent beyond the page box at which the page rendering is clipped. Values have the following meanings:
auto Computes to 6pt if marks has crop and to zero otherwise.
<length> Specifies by how far outward, in each direction, the bleed area extends past the page box. Values may be negative, but there may be implementation-specific limits.
/* trim comes from princeXML: */
:root {
--width: 100mm;
--height: 140mm;
......@@ -14,6 +54,9 @@
--page-count: 0;
if marks: crop
/* bleed and cropmarks */
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