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Merge branch 'update_babel' into 'master'

Update babel

See merge request tools/pagedjs!34
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"presets": ["env"],
"plugins": ["transform-async-generator-functions", "transform-runtime"]
"presets": ["@babel/env"],
"plugins": ["@babel/plugin-proposal-async-generator-functions", "@babel/plugin-transform-runtime"]
......@@ -159,11 +159,10 @@ Specs run a html file in Chrome (using puppeteer) to test against CSS specificat
They can also output a pdf and compare pages (one at a time) in that PDF with samples PDFs (saved as images).
To test the pdf output of specs, you'll need to install ghostscript locally.
To test the pdf output of specs, you'll need to build the library locally.
brew install ghostscript
npm install ghostscript4js --no-save
npm run build
Then run the jest tests in puppeteer.
......@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ html{
@page {
size: A5 portait
size: A5 portrait;
@media screen {
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......@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@ import {
} from "../utils/dom";
import EventEmitter from "event-emitter";
import Hook from "../utils/hook";
const _requestIdleCallback = 'requestIdleCallback' in window ? requestIdleCallback : requestAnimationFrame;
const _requestIdleCallback = typeof window !== "undefined" && ('requestIdleCallback' in window ? requestIdleCallback : requestAnimationFrame);
const PER_PAGE_CHECK = 4;
......@@ -238,4 +238,4 @@ export function defer() {
export const requestIdleCallback = 'requestIdleCallback' in window ? window.requestIdleCallback : window.requestAnimationFrame;
export const requestIdleCallback = typeof window !== "undefined" && ('requestIdleCallback' in window ? window.requestIdleCallback : window.requestAnimationFrame);
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