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title: "Welcome Pagedjs 0.1.42"
date: 2020-06-20T15:42:08+02:00
draft: true
author: "Pagedjs team"
intro: "Some news from paged.js and an update!"
- Specifications
- W3C
- updates
- page number
Hi there!
It’s been a while since we talked, but we used this time wisely.
First, we’ve been very happy to see Julie (feat. [Nicolas Taffin]( and Fred to the [Open Publishing Fest]( to talk about Paged.js. Those discussions and demos are pretty amazing talks and demonstrations using Pagedjs in the real world.
Julie talked about her work on the [Villa Chiragan](, and Nicolas about how C&F Editions are using paged.js for their new collections.
Fred did an intense demo on using paged.js to render epub in the screen (and then, why not print them :D )
Be sure to look at what the festival proposed in the [archives]](
# Bug fixes and updates to pagedjs
> Prevent infinite loops when elements aren't placeable [!118](
Pagedjs used to have infinite loops when trying when an element was bigger than the page. If that happens now, it will stop the rendering on the element that doesn’t appear on the page. No more linking from CPU and RAM. *Breaking change: if one of your script used break-token to define move things around, make sure to test it: Paged.js now stops rendering when the break token is the same on two consecutive pages.*
> Non-significant text handling: [](
This merge request ignores non-significant Node such as a Text node that is all whitespace, or a Comment node. It also preserves Text node that does not have any sibling such as empty (`<p> </p>`) or Text node with a sibling (`Hello <span>world</span>`).
Here, the Text node after `"Hello"` and before the `<span>` element must be preserved. In this case, the `textContent` is updated to a single space:
`Hello <span>world</span>`. This fixes a couple of issues with `break-after: avoid`.
> Add filter hooks and modules: [](
Add a `filter` hook that happen just before the `afterParsed()` one. It allows filtering the content rendered by paged.js. For now, you can use:
- `WhiteSpaceFilter`: remove whitespace when possible.
- `CommentsFilter`: remove all comments.
- `ScriptsFilter`: remove all script elements.
- `UndisplayedFilter`: Mark elements set to `display:none` as undisplayed.
> Allow setting margins without units: #112
`@page {size: 0 0}` is now rendered correctly.
> Wait a frame before handling resize: [](
Thanks a lot to Edoardo Tona (@EdoardoTona) who helped us figure out a bug in Chrome when, sometime, the pdf output was different from the screen preview (on the last part ) and the print PDF. By waiting 1 frame, the content is now identical.
Many great code bug-fixes: []( (Nicholas Wylie fixed the ordered list numbering) []( (Gregorio Roper, @garoper, fixed the issue when using page counter and custom counters), []( (update to Pupeteer 3).
# Some interresting projects using Paged.js
- [Maëlle Salmon]( made a proof of concept to make Paged.js work on the server on a Hugo website: [](
- The folks at [Voting Works]( are building open-source voting systems for US elections. One of their project, Vote by mail, uses Paged.js to generate voting ballots: “VotingWorks Vote-by-Mail makes scaling vote-by-mail operations quick and affordable”.
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